Bre Tauscher

Senior Designer

Bre made her way to design by combining her two great, seemingly conflicting, passions: creativity and structure. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Portland State University she joined Think Joule where she has spent the last 5 years as a designer, brand strategist, and resident print expert. There she brings her enthusiasm for information, mean organizational streak, and keen eye for detail to her work and the brands she and the rest of the Think Joule team develop from the ground up. 

In addition to brand design, Bre has honed her expertise in all things tactile, and leads the charge at Joule in fabrication for everything from simple business cards and brochures to complex wayfinding systems and exterior signs of buildings. In her free time she continues to nurture a profound appreciation for the design community in Portland with involvement in AIGA, Be Honest, and Friends of Graphic Design. 

Secret Superpower:
The ability to pack/organize beyond the ken of mortal men. After 9 moves in 5 years and a lifetime in tiny apartments I've honed my spacial awareness to near superhuman levels.

What Inspires You to Get up Each Morning?
Sometimes a challenge in good design, occasionally the prospect of a beautiful day in a city I love, usually the promise of overly-caffinated coffee.

Biggest Design Crush:
Jessica Hische, the design saint of the drop cap.

Favorite Movie:
The Count of Monte Cristo. It has everything; revenge, intrigue, romance, sword fights, kidnapping, prison breaks, and more! Also, I've always dreamed of making an entrance at a party by arriving in a hot air balloon.