Girls Inc.

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The Portland-based chapter of national nonprofit Girls Inc. had all of the elements of an effective brand—a recognizable logo, strong messaging, and a relentless focus on the positive effect that they have on the lives of girls ages 6 to 18. Yet staff, board members and donors alike struggled to articulate exactly what it is that makes Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest unique among other youth services organization in the region.

Think Joule’s challenge was to harness these brand elements to craft a cohesive story that could be used to connect with key audiences, from the girls themselves to community leaders. We led a series of discovery workshops with key staff and board members. Gaining a deep understanding of the organization’s research based approach as well as the day-to day challenges, Think Joule created a strategic document that could be used as a foundation moving forward.


Marketing Toolkit

Defining their target market personas and creating message mapping complete with a distinct call to action by audience type, we equipped Girls Inc. with a completely revamped marketing toolkit. This new kit actually simplified their outreach materials greatly, streamlined their messaging and is used for recruitment, program expansion, outreach to new communities, and to help donors understand how their support is making a critical difference.