The Glass Lab

Our favorite challenge is to breathe life into an empty shell of a building, brimming with promise and possibility, and imagine it as a vibrant community activated with with talented innovators.


project goals

Our investment banker clients approached us to help them create a brand craft a narrative that would bring their vision to life. Formerly home to a glass factory, this vintage industrial building was being transformed into a community-oriented creative hub for the next generation of creators and innovators. 

Nestled on the eastside of Portland, our job was to brand and reposition this former glass factory and solidify it as a desirable Portland business address.


We developed a brand, palette and messaging that was simple, yet vibrant, high contrast, yet friendly and fully activated that would serve to position the property as desirable space for advanced, desktop and craft manufacturing, and creative office.


We then carried these principles to all marketing materials to reflect the qualities and differentiators of the property and integrate the brand story. The ultimate goal of the marketing strategy is to create awareness and drive demand for lease-up.


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  • Brand Strategy

  • Collateral Materials

  • Copywriting

  • Identity Expansion

  • Messaging

  • Signage

  • Website


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