Jamie Bourgidu

Content Strategist/Project Manager

Jamie is a voracious bibliophile. She arrived at Joule by way of Philadelphia and brings with her nine years of hospitality experience and a Master of Science in Communications. Her hospitality experience lends itself perfectly to brand and communication development in that both rely on attention to minute detail to deliver a delightful end-user experience. 

Jamie is adept at developing artful content strategies based on the client’s business objectives and tracking every detail across the project life cycle. Whether managing campaigns for social media, writing witty and relevant copy, or cracking the whip to meet pending deadlines, she is a detailed idea generator who never tires of pursuing perfection. 

Secret Superpower: 
Spontaneity. I’m game for just about anything at the drop of a hat.

What Inspires You to Get up Each Morning? 
My cat Cecil B Meow who is convinced that if I don’t he might soon starve.

Title of Bio: 
Don't Tell Me No 

Favorite Thing About Portland: 
Independent movie theaters showing a great range of contemporary, classic, foreign and domestic films.

Dream Pet: 
A jungle cat. A benevolent jungle cat who wouldn’t accidentally (or intentionally) maul me..