Our disruptor friends at Vigillo are industry innovators and strategically brave. To keep up with in the competitive world of regulated trucking, they need a branding partner who can respond and bring them to market quickly. 


When Vigillo first approached us, they had a concept for upending the trucking industry with an Uber-like approach for assigning crash accountability. Their big idea: A fleet should not be punished for crashes that are clearly non-preventable. The problem: the industry had no means to remove these non-preventable accidents from their records. If a trucker is parked and inside at a truck stop and someone else runs into their truck - this shows up on their record as an at-fault crash. Something needed to change. 


Naming & Developing the Brand

The biggest trade show of the year was around the corner, and Vigillo, as the major sponsor, needed to make a product announcement. The idea for the product was still sketchy and they approached us to develop a brand using a current product name. We challenged them with the idea that to be truly be disruptive, and up-end the status quo, they needed a name that could carry that moniker. We came up with 6 alternative naming possibilities, without hesitation they selected JUST. 


Video Teaser to Incite Desire

With a concept for their new product and a strong name, tagline, messaging and brand in place, Vigillo was heading to the tradeshow to unveil the Big Idea before an audience of 1,200 industry leaders. The challenge was that it would need to reveal enough to pique interest, but be vague enough to continue to develop and gel. Up for the challenge, we developed a storyboard, art directed, and selected the score for a video teaser that would be a bit cryptic, mysterious, high tech, energetic and impactful leaving them room to evolve the product offering.


Telling the Product Story

By leveraging a case study, we were able to sketch the complex story of the fundamental capabilities of the JUST product. With enticing headlines directed at the "pain" of the target audience and distilling the process into 4 easy to follow steps, we effectively communicated the implicit value to the industry via a one sheet ad. 


UX/UI Design

The elegance of the user interface is directly tied to a positive end-user experience. We led the design on the data visualization through the lens of the user. By enhancing the quality of how information is displayed customer satisfaction and loyalty are enhanced.


Brand = Reputation

The JUST brand and marketing strategy continues to evolve. We are continually involved in testing and enhancing the user experience, bringing clarity and strategy to all outreach, and leveraging Vigillo's reputation as thought leaders and innovators in their industry.


Vigillo saw a very unique business opportunity that required us to come to market fast, with a clear and strategic brand framework that needed to be developed in weeks, yet robust enough to last for years. JUST is a disruptive business model based on crowd-sourcing 15,000 specialty law enforcement officers in all 50 states to conduct truck accident reviews. From concept to announcement, to pilot, to revenue, ThinkJoule proved again to be the strategic partner that has become so valuable to a fast moving innovator like Vigillo.




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