Matt Rodenbeck

Motion Designer

Matt Rodenbeck is a talented creative with a passion for crisp, elegant design and smart, efficient solutions to problems. Previously a student of music, he took that passion for movement and energy and focused it towards motion graphics during his senior year at PNCA – a direction he is excited to continue pursuing throughout his professional career.

Joining the Think Joule team in March of 2017, Matt has proven himself to be a capable addition to the team. He excels in design strategy, logo and graphical asset development, editorial content and research—and recently produced a series of animation shorts for multiple clients. Matt excels at staying on top of digital trends to provide innovative and creative solutions that serve to set our clients apart from the competition.

Secret Superpower:
Probably flying. I have a love for anything that gets my heart pumping – and I’m terrified of heights. It might just be the best way to both confront my phobias while also pretending I’m Iron Man.

What inspires you to get up each morning?
That’s an easy one. I get to make something. I look at every day as another opportunity to learn and create – if I go through an entire one without doing either, I consider it a waste.

Biggest Design Crush:
Alexey Romanowski. He’s a Russian motion designer that composes huge visuals for touring musicians. He recently organized a tour for Royksopp, and the videos he produced are nothing short of breathtaking.

If you were a typeface what typeface would you be?
Futura, with a little bit of Didot if I’m feeling fancy.