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With a fabulous new boutique apartment going up on the corner of 19th and Overton, Gerding Edlen approached Think Joule to create a fresh identity with a unique brand story that could stand apart in the marketplace.

Nestled between NW 23rd and the Pearl District in what is known as the Alphabet District, the location provided the perfect backdrop to attract a sophisticated target audience. Offering both access to and respite from the bustling city, we surmised this building needed a strategy that would focus on integrating home, work and creative living.


Once we defined the target audience segment as the Creative Professional, the name MUSE was offered as a playful and whimsical nod to arts and culture, encompassing the personification of knowledge, literature, science and the arts that the target audience appreciates.


Guided by the inspirational aspects of the name, we developed a full identity that emphasized the artistic and the creative. Inspired by the neighborhood bordering the Alphabet District, the brand is sophisticated and intellectual at heart. Hand drawn lettering became the identity as well as the main entrance sign—recreated in steel by FORM industrial maker, Andrew Palmer. We also created custom watercolor embellishments that were carried throughout the brand to inspire a creative community where home is a haven and both inspires and recharges its residents.