Nathan Bergfelt

Motion Designer

Nathan is constantly seeking the story in everything. After graduating with a BFA in Art & Technology from the University of Oregon, he found his path to design from an initial passion for movies and video game artwork. His love for storytelling, combined with his collaborative nature, aligns perfectly with his role as Motion Designer at Think Joule.

Nathan thrives off interweaving medias, believing that creative stories should live across a range of mediums. Beyond motion, he has developed a passion for illustration, logo design, concept art, and storyboarding. Whether through illustration, motion or animation, he loves bringing the client’s vision to life.

Secret Superpower: 
Plays a mean saxophone, not just anyone can say they've played with the University of Oregon marching band.

Favorite Book
F. Scott Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby

What Inspires You to Get up Each Morning? 
The chance of Saturday morning cartoons.

Biggest Design Crush: 
Ralph McQuarrie from Star Wars and his iconic concept art.

Favorite Thing About Portland: 
Summertime sunsets on the riverside docks.