Old Oakland

A food, shopping and entertainment destination in the heart of the original downtown Oakland. 


Project Goals: What the What 

Old Oakland, the place, is really and truly cool. Smack dab in the heart of Oakland, the property is comprised of unique shops ranging from artisan to nationally recognized, fresh restaurants, community activations, events and pop-ups and a bustling nightlife. Old Oakland, the brand, was plain, corporate and dated, resulting in an undersung place, all but hiding in plain site. 

Think Joule was brought on to bring a well-earned edgy, cool factor to the brand and create a robust website to promote place and attract both visitors and retailers.


Strategy: What the How

Our strategy was to create a strong, identifiable visual identity that reflects the culture of diversity, authenticity and community pride that is uniquely and unapologetically Oakland. Then we sought to position the area as a truly local and experiential destination for specialty shopping, first-rate dining and immersive events.  


Bringing the Brand to Life

We started by developing a bold, imaginative brand. We wanted the identity to reflect the area itself: creative, unexpected, inclusive and legit Oakland, after all, Marshawn Lynch's BeastMode is here, the brand needs to carry some street cred. After the brand was solidified, we zeroed in on the website to bring it to life. Vibrant colors, high-contrast graphics, full-color photos and relatable messaging speak the truth of Old Oakland. 


Video Editing and Arrangement

Lastly, we leveraged previously captured photo and video footage to create a custom video for the website homepage header to show the diverse events and activations that take place at Old Oakland. The result is a fresh new brand and a modern website that is a true reflection of place. 



  • Brand Strategy

  • Collateral Materials

  • Copywriting

  • Digital Strategy

  • Logo & Identity

  • Messaging

  • Video Storyboards & Editing

  • Website


Let's Be Bold