A full-service retirement community offering the highest standard for senior living.


Touchmark, a national leader in compassionate Senior Living, approached Think Joule to collaborate on integrating their brand experience into an 3,000 SF space that was to serve as an offsite information center during construction of their newest property in the West Hills. The vision being to create a warm and welcoming setting that mirrored the experience of visiting or living in one of their 13 communities. 

Discovery Informs the Process

Through Discovery, it was determined that the built environment needed to establish a sense of place, invite interaction and express the mission and values of the company. It also needed to be agile to accommodate a variety of experiences and allow for various levels of engagement—but most importantly, it needed to set the stage for guests to feel welcomed.


Integrating the Brand Story

We crafted 3 impactful wall installations to leverage the 8 themes identified in Discovery to tell a cohesive story and create an aspirational environment for prospective residents to experience the sense of lifestyle, hospitality and community that Touchmark offers. Incorporating digital screens invited deeper exploration and provided an interactive experience.



In collaboration with the Touchmark Project Lead, we designed custom cabinetry to house and display sales materials and collateral. Furniture considerations included the need to host a comfortable experience and accommodate all levels of senior mobility.



Custom Assets

In addition to informing design, Think Joule created additional custom assets such as environmental graphics, a vinyl wall map and a custom room divider to weave the brand throughout the information center telling a vibrant, visual story.


Dramatic view and sunrise photos were composed to bring the information center to life. We worked with local photographers NashCo over the course of several photoshoots at various times of day to achieve perfectly lit images that transformed the entryway and a 20 foot impact wall. 



Swede Hill Vineyards

The Touchmark property in the West Hills offers residents a unique amenity—a working vineyard that produces its own Pinot Noir. In order to elevate this impressive attribute, we designed a freestanding wall that showcases properties of the vineyard and the wine. Custom storage houses bottles of Pinot Noir for guests to enjoy as they tour the information center, offering a true taste of the West Hills. 


Throughout the project we carefully considered the delicate balance of telling the brand story and creating a sense of their unique community in an off-site environment. The result is a sophisticated information center that can be utilized by the sales team to customize each guest experience and truly share the Touchmark story. 




  • Brand Strategy

  • Environmental Graphics

  • Furniture Design

  • Messaging


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